Me, collecting a Late Cretaceous tyrannosaur, Bistahieversor sealeyi, in the San Juan Basin.

Welcome to my site. I am a vertebrate paleontologist specializing in the geology and animals that lived near and across one of the most tumultuous times in Earth History; the end-Cretaceous Mass extinction. My research focuses on the record preserved in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico, which preserves one of the most complete records of this interval of time.

Tom’s Paleo Blog

The Pantodont Pantolambda

Many of the mammals that occur in Paleogene faunas are archaic, meaning they do not have living descendants. For many of these groups, the relationship to extant mammals is not understood. One of the major groups of early Paleocene archaic mammals are the pantodonts. Pantodonts are of special interest because they are geographically widespread; theyContinue reading “The Pantodont Pantolambda”

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